My First Post

My First Post

My name is Angelo Paul and this is my first post. I wanted to give a quick insight to myself as a jewelry designer and plan to delve deeper with future posts.

I am fourth generation in the jewelry industry based out of Philadelphia/South Jersey. My family has celebrated over 80 years operating jewelry stores in which I am proud to be a part of. Family & Co. Jewelers has been a fixture in Marlton, NJ for over 40 years. Started by my grandparents and continued by my father, along with myself and sisters.

I grew up learning the business from my father starting with engraving. I took jewelry bench classes while in college at Arcadia University. After I graduated I fell in love with CAD (Computer Aided Design) for jewelry design.

Through the years I have worked one on one with customers making custom jewelry. Each piece of jewelry I made was one of a kind and unique to what my customers wanted. 

After designing my own wedding band in 2014 I started putting together wedding band designs that reflected by own style. I found a passion in using the newest technologies with classic jewelry techniques along with developing my own processes to make my jewelry.

This website is the accumulation of all my history. I love making jewelry and sharing it with the world.